The unPacker again

The JavaScript unPacker is getting a lot of attention and I do not think that every one understands it. The unPacker was made to make code that was packed by the /packer/(with base62) human readable again. 99% of the code that comes out works without any changes, then running the code through FireFox with Firebug you should be able to easily find the error and fix the code. When I was testing the unPacker, I was unpacking jQuery, there would be about 3 error in the code, but I was able to find the error and fix the code in under 5 min with Firebug. (jQuery packed is about 32KB and about 52KB minified and it was designed to be able to be packed).
All the problem that I have heard about the unPacker I think are counter with what it is and can be used for. The basic idea was to be better that the replacing the eval with an alert to get all of the JavaScript in one long line. (jQuery in an alert is about 50,000 Character in one line)

The forum that I follow related to the unPacker.
The unPacker.