June 11, 2nd day of summer break

This is the seconds day of summer break and I am spending at least the first part on the semester at sea, for 4 days are their “Global engagement forum.”

This has been there first day of there really being any actives.  My day started with getting up really late and missing breakfast.  Then I went and lissioned to Julian Bond talk for about 90 minutes about the past.  After all of this I then found myself at lunch.  Right after lunch I was in somewhat of a private interview with Julian Bond finding out even more of his personal view.  Then that quickly lead to the second lecture about the sustainability of society with three experts.  Followed with a 45 minutes panel of Q&A.  I must admit that I was falling asleep during this event as I am still adjusting to the  3 hours off from California time.  After coming out of a nap I went to dinner and then to a viewing of Beyond the call, followed by a Q&A with the basically everything of the movie.

What a day.