Saving the blog from a death

Looking back at my last post about where I discussed the problem with my blog as it stands where it did not get updated for a long period of time.  This was mostly because of the want for this blog to be somewhat of a blog that “I would want to read.”  I my case this end up being a tech blog.  I also noticed the other blog post that would be completely off topic.

I wrote that first paragraph for two reasons, the first being that I had time, and the second was that after that last post that I had it felt like the blog had died.  To me, this was a message that made me think about what I was writing to my audience.

From the tracking system I am pleased to announce that is appears that this blog is not read at all.  So this gives at least me the idea the blogs are not for other to read (expect in rare cases) but for one to write, and then, as I said before, once and a while a random blog will have something useful, but one will find it not because they read that blog on a daily bases but because they can use a search engine to quickly find what they are looking for.  The blog only gives a way to quickly write document that can posted online with little effort.

Having said that this blog is not read (which is what the tracking system is saying) the most popular page on my site is the unPacker and that has a steady supply of people going to that page every day now.  This is also the most linked page on my site.  What I find so funny about the fact that the unPacker is the most popular page is that I only made it in response to a forum posting in which the first version of this I made in under 1 hour.  Then when I had a large number of people coming to that page on a daily bases my friend wanted to upgrade the layout on that page, and I have keep upgrade that system ever since.  Now the code is at version 1.2 and I have moved the page layout over the along with the rest of the the site.

The main purpose of this blog post is for me not to have had the last post on such a down beat.

Also if you would like to follow the tech part of this blog yo u can get the rss feed off on of the topics that I use quite a bit and am vary good about what articles go where.