It seems a little strange that I have not yet written a blog entry on my own project JSApp.US

For those that do not know what it is, it is a platform to write applications quickly in Javascript using the node.js platform and then quickly deploy these applications to the web.  To some extent this is my attempt to relive the days of appjet, but with a new and more powerful platform.

At it stands now, it is my most popular site ever, it laded its self to the reddit/programming page, and was on the top of hackernews for about 3 hours.  It seems to be very successful for now and even I have a few applications that are using it, such as count.jsapp.us, it is powering the little visitor count that I have placed on the side bar.

There are a few new features that I am still planing to implement.  The first feature is going be a sorta profile that will allow for people to “show off” their applications that they have on JSApp.US.  I also have plans to make it so that one can require in files from other users.  This should end up like how github handles it with users, the basis will look like: require(‘other_user/file.name’).

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