Comments about another state

This post was written over a number of days in a disjoint fashion. You were warned.

Already in the first days of this vacation I have come up with a number of amusing comments and I felt that it was only right that they be recorded somewhere.

First the air port that we flew into had something like two terminals. I was joking that there would be one person working TSA and when we came back through they would simply look at us and ask if we are going to blow up the plane and then let us through. I was somewhat close in that there were two people working TSA, however they did appear to have the basic requirements to be called TSA.

Second when we got in the car the radio came on and started playing the most stereotypical country music came on and started saying “she thinks my tractor is sexy.” The next time that we turned on the radio it was a song about loving their front porch more than anything else.

The place that we are going to for our volunteer activities was considerably farther away then originally expected. As a result my mother was driving somewhat above the speed limit. As she claims this is her first ticket in a while, gg. No California roles here.

We are the volunteering on the blackfoot reservation this last week. It has been somewhat slow, it appears that it has something to do with the native culture. They believe that it will end up working out and stuff.
The main thing that we have been doing this week is helping the community college get themselves together for their next semester. They are quite small with only 500 students and a few classrooms.
When we are not helping Getty the college ready, we have been interacting with the community.

Today we are leaving the volunteering group. We are going to be driving up and around to do a ‘normal’ vacation.