The state of ROV to come

This coming weekend is the ROV competition. I do not feel that our team is remotely ready, we could use another weekend. We have not even tested and the control system is not 100%. The victors (the one part for the control system that I am trying to get from robotics) are not working. I have 5 and I am sure that 2 are broken. I am not sure about the other 3, but we need to get 5 to run the system. And that is without any backup. So if anything breaks we will be screwed.

We are also the first team to go in the day which means that there will be no time at the robotics competition if worst comes to worst and we need to make a change to the system.

I have been really feeling the stress from ROV myself as I am the only one working on the control system and the problems with the victors have been a really hair puller. Along with having the lack of a control system I am also somewhat having to deal with cameras getting put on to the system. Then to top if off, two of the people that do a good deal of the work on the physical ROV will not be able to go. So if anything was to break we are going to then end up in a real mess.