Large update JsApp.US

Today I pushed out a large number of updates for

First there are a few new features that everyone should know about: (these first two should sound like what appjet was before it closed)

  • People can make libraries public to be imported by other people using the service.  To make a file public see the files command and click the public link.
  • There is a new profile view that is convenient place with links to all of the users applications deployed as wells as all public files so that others can shop around for the modules they are looking for. (Self promotion:
  • There is also a share command that few people have discovered, it allows one to share a current version of a files, this is greatly useful for things such as writing blog entries about node.js or getting help with something that is not working.
  • And finally is now open source at github, so if you find a bug that you want fixed, or want to build the next cool feature fork it