Reflections on FRC world

So this was my first time at FRC world.  It ended up being a lot of fun, and was very enjoyable to be able to interact with other FRC teams, and see a lot of the booths that were from the various suppliers of FRC materials.

First off, congrats to our admin team for winning the entrepreneurship award.  This just shows how much time has gone into this.  Something that winning this award made me realize was that there are hundreds of teams that were at world, and that they were representing thousands of teams.  Just being one of the few special teams that have won an award on the world stage, is a great accomplishment.
Something that did happen at world, was there was a lot of talk with regards to what will happen next year with our team.  We are planning to do a lot of major overhauls to the build side of our team, so that we can produce a quality robot.  There are a few plans floating around right now with regards to the issue, and I think that if we are able to implement some of them that we should be in good shape.

Some of the plans that we came up with that are somewhat interesting.

  1. Build a second robot and practice driving
  2. Start a lot of researched based projects
    1. The first idea is a variable controlled pneumatic system
    2. Kinect integrated into the control system
    3. full on autonomous robot (more just the idea of having the sensor feed back developed)
  3. Build a number of robots during the off-season
  4. Train more members to be able to machine the parts