What to blog

For some time I have tried to make a blog about what I found useful or cool. But from what I can tell no reads this blog with any real dedication. Which makes me prompt the question to myself that if I should just start writing more on the blog just so that they are so few post or if I should try and keep with I was doing with wring useful content.
Looking back at what I have there is some tech stuff (like from the blogs that I read) but then mixed in there is the random parts from my life mixed in.
If you read for the tech then you would care non for what is about me and visa versa.
I think about the random blogs that I find are from Google and have that one post that makes the blog useful to me, but most of the other stuff is lost one for lack of interest on that topic. I think that a blog for the most part is not something that is followed via rss feed but is used to keep up to date website with little effort and have a way for users to give feed back to the author and the blog are found from Google.

In summary: write more post on more topics and get more exposure on Google.